Muslim Antisemitic Violence Against Western European Jews Is Grossly Disproportionate When The Victims Are Actually Queried (Followed By Leftist Antisemitic Violence)

Jewish victims queried about perpetrators of Antisemitic violence, or violent threats, report a grossly disproportionate number of the perpetrators are Muslims, compared for example, to those with “extremist right wing views”, by anywhere from 3.1- to 13.2-fold!

France: 53 Muslim/4 right wing= 13.2-fold

Sweden: 51 Muslim/5 right wing= 10.2-fold

UK: 36 Muslim/ 7 right wing= 5.1-fold

Germany: 34 Muslim/11 right wing= 3.1-fold

“Antisemitic Violence in Europe, 2005-2015 Exposure and Perpetrators in France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Russia” Johannes Due Enstad Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages, University of Oslo Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX), University of Oslo  Oslo, June 2017, p.17