Four Potentially Mass Murderous Jihad Terror Attacks on American Jews by Muslims Thwarted Since December 2018

During the past 9-month period, alone, four (three + one) potentially mass murderous attacks by Muslim jihadists on American Jews have been thwarted by U.S. law enforcement, in Montana, Georgia, Ohio, and California. One of the attacks prevented, as journalist Daniel Greenfield observed, involved a convert to Islam “inspired” by the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue mass shooting.

Fabjan Alametti’s criminal complaint states he had been contemplating “an attack on a U.S. government building, gay club, Jewish temple, or U.S. Army recruiting center.” If Alametti had successfully completed his objectives, he averred, regarding his victims,

I will stand over them while I pierce their bodies with hollow tips [bullets] Inshallah we take as many kuffars [non-Muslims] with us.

The criminal complaint against Hasher Jallal Taheb notes his Washington, D.C. area prospective targets included, “the Washington Monument, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and a specific synagogue

Taheb further maintained that “jihad was the best deed in Islam and the peak of Islam,”  adding, according to the complaint that,

…that jihad was an obligation, that he wanted to do as much damage as possible, and that he expected to be a ‘martyr,’ meaning that he expected to die during the attack.

Convert to Islam Damon Joseph’s criminal complaint expressed a generalized jihad hatred of non-Muslims, with an intense animus toward Jews. Joseph celebrated the Tree of Life Pittsburgh synagogue carnage by Robert Bowers, and expressed his own desire to “wage jihad” against Jews in Toledo, Ohio, preferably on a Sabbath, to cause more casualties:

I don’t believe in the sugar coated watered down Islam alot of Muslims of the west follow. I don’t believe in co-existing with kufr [non-Muslims] unless you have no choice…The kufr [Pittsburgh mass murderer Bowers] doing our work for us haha….My opinion is the Jews are evil and they get what’s coming to them…Jews are Jews none are innocent…There’s like two synagogues I know of but I don’t know any Jews . . . I absolutely despise Jews… I admire what the guy [Bowers] did with the shooting actually. I can see myself carrying out this type of operation inshallah. They wouldn’t even expect it in my area …“For  starters, we would pick a synagogue or place Jews gather, scope it out, find all exits and entrances, times people will be there, police presence of the area, I have a police scanner so I would be able to hear when they would be responding, we would coordinate it by splitting up to ensure the most casualties possible. Then escape in a vehicle before police arrive. And if they got there fast, then fight it out and whatever happens may Allah grant us victory and Jannah [paradise] if it comes to that. I am no coward. I wouldn’t want to die any other way except a martyr inshallah… Jews who support state of Israel are desired targets…There’s 2 synagogues in my city.

As conveyed by an FBI employee working undercover, the criminal complaint against Joseph added these specific comments regarding his targeting of Toledo, Ohio area Jews:

On December 6, 2018, JOSEPH and UC [FBI undercover employee]-3 met in the Toledo area. JOSEPH gave UC-3 guidance as to how to purchase the AR-15’s. Specifically, JOSEPH instructed UC3 to determine how many rounds had been fired through the gun, examine the charging handles to make sure they worked, check the general condition of the firearm. After doing research on his cell phone in front of UC-3, JOSEPH selected the target for the attack. JOSEPH stated that it would be ideal to attack two synagogues, but probably more realistic to only attack one. JOSEPH stated that he wanted to kill a rabbi. JOSEPH wrote the name and address of where the attack was to occur for UC-3. JOSEPH told UC-3 that he had done research to determine when the Jewish Sabbath was so that more people would be present at the synagogue. JOSEPH stated that he wanted to use a handgun on his victims. JOSEPH gave UC-3 instructions on how to enter the synagogue. JOSEPH pulled up photographs of the inside of the synagogue and told UC-3 that he wanted to begin the attack in the sanctuary. JOSEPH and UC-3 drove to the synagogue where JOSEPH directed UC-3 to drive around the synagogue complex. JOSEPH told UC-3 that he would teach UC-3 how to use the weapons. JOSEPH told UC-3 that he was not going in with a martyrdom mindset, but rather a killing mindset.

Daniel Greenfield elucidated the final common denominator of these 3 disrupted American Muslim plotters, and their plots:

Taheb and Alemati had a number of similarities. Both men were twenty-one years old. Their terror plots were violent but scattershot. The range began with government building and ended with a synagogue. Theirs were the second and third Islamic terror plots targeting Jewish synagogues in three months. The trend began with Damon Joseph, a Muslim convert, who was arrested in December for a number of plots including one targeting a synagogue. Joseph’s inspiration was the Tree of Life Shooting…He was also twenty-one years old. All three Muslim terrorists were ISIS supporters. They were the same age and scattered around the country, from Montana to Georgia to Ohio. Their origins lay in different cultures and parts of the world. And yet their terror plots all targeted Jews.

The fourth criminal complaint, was against Army veteran Mark Steven Domingo, another recent convert to Islam. Domingo sought to wage a jihad martyrdom attack, and once again, his potential targets included Jews. He reportedly expressed a desire to kill,

…a bunch of Jews around this one street [where there was] not a lot of parking so they’re forced to find parking and walk to the synagogue [where] the yahud (Jews in Arabic) go on Saturday for their worship.